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Musicians... f(x) Kryber fanfic (Chapter 2)
Yoona Dork
Title: Musicians...
Fandom: f(x)
Pairing: Amber/Krystal
Word count: 2,290
Rating: PG
Summary: An accidental collision between two very different girls leads their lives into a new direction; a very new direction. When the charming Amber Liu runs into Krystal Jung, literally, they leave more of an impression on each other than a scraped forehead and a lost smoothie. The love story of a Rock Star and a girl from a coffee shop.

Chapter 2

Beep… beep… beep… beep… beep… CRUNCH! Krystal slams her hand into the alarm clock, causing it to eek out an unhealthy sound. She groans, rolls over on her back, and slowly opens her eyes only to be temporarily blinded by the flood of sunlight coming through her window. “Argh…” she mumbles and stumbles out of bed, slipping on her pink bunny slippers, and scoots towards the bathroom. While brushing her teeth she remembers Amber. I hope she calls back. She was really cool… and cute... Geez Krystal! What is wrong with you?! She shakes her head, trying to rid herself of these weird feelings.
She eats some ramen for breakfast and then rushes out the door. Her job, at a small coffee shop, was only a couple of blocks away. Krystal was used to walking, since she had no car. She steps out of her apartment building, and is greeted by a soft, warm breeze. Smiling to herself, she starts her walk, only to freeze in her tracks only half way down the block. Staring down at her from a GINORMOUS billboard was Amber… Amber, the sweet, polite, funny girl she met last night, was Amber! THAT AMBER!
She stands there with her jaw dropped, probably looking like an idiot, for a while. Krystal remembers to put one foot in front of the other and slowly and shakily begins walking again. Her brain goes into overdrive, replaying the events of last night.
Krystal robotically walks into the coffee shop, so dazed that Luna sounds like she is talking through a snorkel as she asks, “What’s wrong with you? You look like you’re going to faint!”
Snapping out of it, she replies, “Umm… You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” and plops down on a nearby barstool. Luna was her co-worker, and one of her best friends. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind, and she was blunt. Krystal looks up at Luna’s inquiring face.
“Try me!” she challenges, placing her hands on her hips.
“Well… Umm…” she tries to think of how to begin. “You know that band, the Madcrushes?”
“Well, yeah! Who doesn’t?”
“Umm… You know Amber?”
“Duh… Krystal, spit it out already!”
“Ok….” She tries to prepare herself for Luna’s probable jealous wrath. So saying it quickly, she explains, “I kind of met Amber last night. Well, I actually knocked her over, at Sasquatch. Then we talked for a couple of hours, and she gave me a ride home…” Luna’s jaw drops. “On her motorcycle.”
Luna stands there in shock for a couple seconds, then, “WHAT?! YOU’RE JOKING!!” She yells. Her hands fly up, as she squeezes her head in thought. “You actually talked to Amber?! You rode on her motorcycle with her?!”
“Yeah, and I didn’t even know that she was “that” Amber.” She smiles sheepishly at a very obviously jealous Luna.
“You so don’t deserve this! You don’t even listen to her band! You just listen to that, that, classical stuff!” Luna’s eyes are practically burning a hole through Krystal’s head.
Quietly, Krystal replies, “She’s not just a rock star.” She looks down at her feet. “She shouldn’t only be known for her music.” She looks back up at Luna’s piercing stare.
Suddenly, her expression changes into one of complete fascination and she inquires, “What was she like?!”
Taken by surprise, Krystal hesitates, “Well, she was… she was nice.” Her words take on a double meaning in her own mind. “Really nice.”
Luna frowns at her, “Tell me the whole story!”
Krystal sighs, and tells Luna the whole story. Well, not the WHOLE story. She leaves out her strange feelings, and the frequent blushing by both girls. Luna asks a few questions, and then it is time to clock in. Work goes by slowly, but finally it is time to get off.
Vrrrg… Vrrrg… Vrrrg… Krystal pulls her vibrating cell phone out of her pocket. Not recognizing the number, she puts it to her ear and asks, “Hello?”
“Wanna go out for that smoothie now?” a familiar voice asks. “I mean, if you’re not busy…”
“Well, that was sooner than I expected. I-I am just getting off of work.” She replies, nervous now that she knows who Amber is, and that this famous rock star wants to go somewhere with her. “D-do you want to come pick me up here?” she stutters, and quietly palm slaps herself in the forehead for being so lame.
“Sure, where do you work?” She sounds anxious, which makes Krystal giggle silently to herself.
She gives Amber directions.
“Awesome” she says in English. “I will be there in a few minutes.”
“Oh, Ok. I will be ready!”
“Kay.” She laughs. “Bye!”
Krystal runs to the bathroom to fix her long, dark, wavy hair and make sure her make-up is just right. Then, she quickly clocks out and goes to wait on the sidewalk in front of the coffee shop. Luckily, Luna leaves before Amber arrives. Krystal sit’s down on the short brick wall in front of the building. She just started to trace patterns in the brick when she hears Amber’s motorcycle. Krystal looks up, and her breath catches, as she sees Amber, in a red Michael Jackson style leather jacket, and black leather pants. She looks like your classic “bad boy” character out of a movie, except a girl. Amber pulls to the curb this time instead of driving onto the sidewalk. She flips up her visor of her matching black helmet, revealing those pretty brown eyes, and says, “Ready?” Her eyes turn into crescents, as she smiles under her helmet.
“Definitely!” Krystal replies, and takes the white and black helmet from Amber’s outstretched hand. She pulls it on, and climbs on the back of Amber’s bad-ass-black-on-black motorcycle. She skips the shoulders, and holds onto the front of Amber’s jacket again. Soon, they are speeding down the road, the breeze cold against Krystal’s bare arms. She presses her body closer to Amber for warmth, and the needle on the speedometer climbs.
After a dozen or so blocks, Amber finally slows and turns off the road, to drive up the alley where Sasquatch hides. She cuts the bike off, and Krystal climbs off the back. She takes her helmet off as Amber puts down the kickstand and gets off. Then Amber pulls off her helmet, causing her stubborn bangs to cover her face again. She brushes them out of her eyes, and smiles at Krystal. “Let’s go.”
They enter the smoothie shop, and both order a Cocopaya smoothie, which turns out to be Amber’s favorite too. Krystal leads them to one of the few booths inside the shop, which is in the corner, and they sit facing each other.
“So… I just found out that you were the Amber from The Madcrushes this morning.” Krystal confesses.
“Oh. I kind of guessed that you didn’t know who I was.” She smiles, “And I liked talking to someone that was talking to me for me, and not my… fame.”
“I still am.” She blushes. “You know… talking to you for you, not your fame.”
Amber looks up from fiddling with the straw in her smoothie, and grins. “Thanks.” She takes a drink of her smoothie and then squints her eyes and wrinkles her nose. “Oww! Brain-freeze.” They both start laughing, and Amber shivers a bit.
They started talking about their lives, how they ended up in Korea, and everything they could think of. Krystal has never felt more comfortable around someone she just met. By the end of the conversation, they both feel like they have known the other for years. They don’t even realize how long they have been talking until the owner comes over to tell them it is closing time. Krystal notices that they have been here for three hours.
“I guess we should go.” Amber says, scooting out of the booth. Krystal stands up, and they walk to the door. Amber puts her hand on the door and pushes it open, then steps to the side, saying, “Don’t hurt me this time.”
Krystal laughs and lightly punches her on the shoulder, as she walks out the door. “Thank-you.”
“You’re welcome.” Amber replies, and then walks over to one of the picnic tables. She jumps onto the bench; her back facing Krystal, then Michael Jackson spins and plops down on the top of the table. Her cute little spontaneous dance move, makes Krystal giggle. Then Amber suddenly stands up exclaiming, “Ah! I almost forgot! Come on!” She jumps off of the table, grabs Krystal’s hand, and starts running down towards the road, Krystal in toe.
“What? Where are we going?” Krystal yells. Laughing, as they turn onto another street, she asks again, “Amber?!”
She doesn’t say anything, but looks back and smiles mischievously. They round another street corner and Amber, very abruptly, stops, causing Krystal to run into her.
“Oh, sorry.” Krystal sputters.
“Haha… I’m fine. Look.” She says, as she let’s go of Krystal’s hand and nods her head in the other direction.
Krystal turns to look, and has to blink several times to adjust to the light. It is already almost dark, and filling the street are hundreds of people holding sparklers. Some are twirling them around, others just holding them out at arms length. Gold and silver flecks of light danced in spastic patterns, with occasional bursts of blues and reds.
“Wow…” Krystal whispers.
After not hearing Amber say anything for a few minutes, she wonders if she is still there. Managing to draw her eyes away from the beautiful parade, she turns her head, and blushes because Amber isn’t looking at the hundreds of sparklers in front of them, but at her. Amber must have noticed her blushing, because she quickly looks in front of her.
Smiling to herself, Krystal asks, “What is this?”
“The first Parade of Lights.” She replies. “It is supposed to happen once a year from now on.” She pauses, then, “It’s beautiful.”
“It is…” Krystal says quietly. She glances over at Amber. Dim gold and blue light dancing over her cheeks and lips, reminds her of last night’s neon shadows. Then she realizes that she has only known Amber for a day. It doesn’t feel like it though.

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Hey! Sorry, I have made more chapters, they are just not on here, I will add them now that I know I have a reader on LiveJournal!

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