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Musicians... f(x) Kryber fanfic (Chapter 5)
Yoona Dork
After Krystal told Amber that she liked her music Amber invited her to a concert. Well, invited as in “You can be my V.I.P.!”


I walked into the rehearsal room and threw my gym bag on the floor. Victoria was already stretching on the other side of the room, and she stood up and turned around as soon as she heard my bag hit the floor.

“Hey.” I said as I take off my jacket and throw it on the floor.

“Hey. I think we should practice our dance some more today. Some really important businessmen are coming to our concert tonight.”

“Yeah, ok.” I replied. Even though we mostly sang rock songs, we had our occasional K-pop song… including dancing.

“What’s wrong with you?” Victoria asked eyeing me with her head slightly tilted.

“Nothing, I am just a little nervous.” I replied, thinking of Krystal watching me from backstage tonight.

“You’re never nervous! Why are you nervous?” Victoria implied, still eyeing me curiously. I couldn’t lie to my Unnie.

“A friend of mine is coming tonight.” I muttered, hoping Victoria wouldn’t make a big deal out of it.

“Oh.” She said and turned back around to stretch.


After practice I walked into the dressing room to change out of my sweaty clothes. When I took my shirt off Victoria walked in. I didn’t mind. I had changed in front of her before. But she had that look on her face. I had seen it many times before. She would get bored, as was I, and she would come looking for me in my dressing room. It didn’t bother me much because we had only kissed, and I knew it would never go any farther than that. But it was different now.

I put my new shirt on and turned towards her. She put her hand on the back of my neck and tried to kiss me, but I pulled away and turned my back towards her.

“I can’t do this anymore.” I said quietly.

“Why not? You never seemed to have a problem with it before?” I knew she had crossed her arms and was probably staring a hole into the back of my head.

“I just can’t.” I almost whispered. It was the only thing I could think of to say. I still couldn’t fully describe how I felt towards Krystal. She had stolen my heart. Me, Amber Liu, who had never felt so attached to anyone ever before.

I heard her turn and walk out the door.


The sound of screaming fans and music playing over the speakers filters through backstage. The show hasn’t started yet and the seats are almost filled. Standing out of the way and watching one of the crew fill Amber in some new adjustments with the lighting, Krystal wonders at how “down to earth” Amber was in spite of all of this chaos. Amber nods a couple more times and glances over at Krystal before dipping her head a little to the man and walking over.

“Are you ok?” She asks with a small smile on her face.

“Yeah, I am fine. This is just, really different.” She replies.

“Well, I hope you like it.” Amber smiles, then glances to her left. “Oh! Victoria!” She calls towards a pretty reddish-brunette wearing the same style of clothes Amber is, but girlier. She turns and walks towards Amber, eyeing Krystal as she does. “Victoria, this is Krystal.” Amber says, with a hint of caution in her voice.

Victoria glances from Amber’s awkward face to Krystal’s expressionless one. “Hi. My name is Victoria Song.” She finally greets, with a Chinese accent, and then turns back to Amber. “Our manager Oppa wants to talk to us.” She says and then walks away.

Krystal looks over at Amber, who has an angry expression on her face. “I’m sorry.” She apologizes as she glances at Krystal’s amused face. “She has issues.”

“It’s ok.” Krystal replied, throwing in a genuine smile.

Amber grins, “I gotta go.” Her fingers brush against Krystal’s arm as she turns to follow Victoria.

Krystal gets Goosebumps, and she stutters, “O-ok!”

The show starts, and Krystal watches in awe at the way Amber bewitches the audience. For some reason, every time fans chant her name and scream ‘I love you’ Krystal feels a slight hint of jealousy. But, she enjoys the concert.

Afterwards, Amber has to go change after talking to Krystal, which leaves Krystal awkwardly wandering around. After ten minutes she decides to just go and find Amber since she is getting in everyone’s way. Going the direction she saw Amber go ten minutes ago, she walks down a short dim hallway and spots a door with Amber’s name on it. She sighs in relief as she quietly pushes open the door.

She instantly regrets it.

There is Amber, being pushed up against the make-up counter by Victoria. Krystal silently watches as, almost as if in slow motion, Victoria places her hand on the back of Amber’s neck and pulls her toward her lips.

Her body unfreezes, and she pulls the door closed before she can see anything else. Her breath hitches in her throat. Her mind isn’t working properly yet, so she just runs. Her eyes are stinging from trying to hold back her tears. She hadn’t fully allowed herself to accept her feelings for Amber, but it is impossible to deny them now. Even though she wants to, she can’t stop the aching feeling in her chest.


After the concert, I went back to my dressing room to change out of my sweaty clothes. I wanted to get back to Krystal as fast as I could. I rummaged through the clothes in my bag, pulling out what I needed. After changing, I turned to look in the mirror and fix my make-up, hoping the whole time that Krystal liked the concert. While rubbing a little bit of smudged mascara off I saw Victoria come through the door from the reflection in the mirror.

“Hey, good job out there.” I told her as I turned around to stuff the rest of my clothes into my bag.

“Yeah, you too.” She replied quietly.

I noticed the tone in her voice, and looked up. She wasn’t looking at me, but at the ground in front of my feet.

“Are you ok?” I asked.

She was silent for a minute. I started to turn my attention back to my bag when she blurted out, “Did you ever have feelings for me?”

I froze in shock, and partially out of confusion and nervousness. Victoria is my Unnie and leader. How I answered that question could affect a lot. I was quiet for a while before almost whispering, “I did… a long time ago. Victoria I—“ I felt her hand against my hip as she pushed me into the counter, her other hand on my neck as she pulled me towards her. Half frozen from shock, it took me a while to react. I heard the door close and before she could kiss me, I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her away. I heard a small gasp from behind the door and instantly knew what Krystal had just seen. She saw me, about to kiss Victoria, which I had never planned on doing in the first place. I didn’t love Victoria…


Krystal had spent the night alternating between yelling at herself, crying, and sitting on her bed in an almost zombie-like state. Now as she sits on her bed, she realizes that light is streaming through her blinds. It is a Saturday, so she doesn’t have to work, but she decides to make herself a cup of coffee.

She sits on the counter across from the coffee maker and watches the dark liquid drip into the pot. Half-way through she hears a knock at her door. She groans and pushes herself off the counter.

She opens the door to see the person that has caused her sleepless night. She wants to shut the door, but she remembers that Amber may have never even had feelings for her. They aren’t dating. She realizes that it would be stupid to get mad at Amber because she had never even told Amber how she felt.

“Hi.” She says, not able to hide the sadness in her voice.

Amber sees the barely visible circles under her slightly blood shot eyes. “Krystal…”

“Umm. Do you want coffee?” She asks as she turns away from Amber’s observing eyes, silently scolding herself for letting Amber see her bloodshot eyes. She walks to the kitchen and gets a mug down from the cupboard keeping her back towards Amber. In her nervousness, she knocks over the roll of paper towels as it bounces off the counter and unrolls across the kitchen floor. Her breathing becomes faster and she quickly bends down to grab the paper towels. She feels a hand grab her elbow and pull her back up before she reaches them. Amber places her hands on Krystal’s arms and doesn’t let her turn away this time.

“Krystal. Look at me.” She says. Krystal can’t tear her eyes away from the floor. “Krystal. Please…” Amber whispers. Her right hand gently turns Krystal’s face to look at her. As Krystal’s eyes meet Amber’s she can’t help but let a small sob escape from her lips and she pushes Amber’s hands off of her. “Krystal, I know about your feelings for me.” Krystal’s eyes shot back up to Amber’s. “I was awake that night.” Krystal would have blushed, but her confusion and anger won’t allow it. In her stubbornness and anger, she steps over to the door.

“I think you should go.” She says, trying to keep her voice from breaking.

Amber’s voice becomes stronger and she continues, “I know that you like me, and I know what you saw last night! You saw Victoria try to kiss me. I know that’s why you have been crying.” Krystal self-consciously looks away as soon as Amber mentioned crying. “Krystal, nothing happened between us! We had a thing about two year’s ago, but I never loved her. She is jealous of you. She tried to kiss me, but I didn't let her!” Krystal looks up, trying to determine if she should believer Amber or not. She never saw them kiss, but it sure as hell looked like they were going to.

"Amber.” Krystal is confused. She doesn’t understand why Amber is being defensive. Amber doesn’t like her. Does she? Her eyes start to burn again.

“Krystal!” Amber pleads as Krystal turns to open the door. Her hand freezes on the door handle. “Krystal… I… I….”

Krystal waits. Spit it out Amber… Krystal straightens up and wipes the tears from her eyes. I just want to hear…

“Krystal… I—“

Krystal suddenly spins around and walks toward Amber. Her intense eyes stare deep into Amber’s as she gains her courage back in one short moment.

“Say it.” She challenges.

Amber’s fingers brush against Krystal’s smooth cheek and she whispers, “I love you…” Krystal’s eyes change in an instant, and in a sudden flood of bravery her hands touch Amber’s stomach as she pushes her against the wall, her lips crashing into Amber’s. She feels Amber’s sharp gasp of surprise, and her body momentarily frozen against Krystal’s. Then, melting in Krystal’s grasp, she removes any last bit of space between them. Her hand’s move to run through Krystal’s long black hair, and she smiles against Krystal’s lips. Finally… Amber thinks. Krystal’s lips move faster against Amber’s, then Amber’s tongue skims over Krystal’s bottom lip before gaining entrance between Krystal’s parted lips. Finally… Krystal thinks.

Your Kryber kiss arrives!!!
I felt that the story was getting too 'blaaa', so I added some Amtoria drama!
Hope you liked it!
Thank you for all your support!! It means a lot to me!
It inspires me!
Expect more cute Kryber moments!

Love, Rane

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jeez i was starting to get nervous and scared too XD

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